Antika Nueva 
Antika Nueva is an eclectic one-woman company from Barnstead, NH, making handmade wire art jewelry, herbal soaps and salves, and soft and sewn accessories. I spend summers at renaissance faires and pagan events throughout New England.
Aquarius Girl Sanctuary
Silver and gemstone pendants, rings, and earrings
Author J. C. Artemisia
Book: "A Pagan Book of Holidays: Children's Poems for Prayer & Practice". Also I will have crocheted bookmarks and crystal poutches
Branwen's Dreams  
Branwen's Dreams offers a large array of luxury-quality herbal wares for individuals with discriminating, refined tastes. Therapeutic Wellness Blends, Herbal Remedies, Organic and Natural Skin Care, Smudge & Linen Sprays, Perfume & Ritual Oils, all crafted in small batches in harmony with the sacred traditions of the Old Ways, and use only Certified Organic / Ethically Wild-crafted / Free-trade ingredients within sacred space.
Silver and handmade jewelry, long striped stockings, sculpture, art, cookbooks, and more.
Cerridwen's Keep
Hand made jewelry, cloaks, robes, altar clothes, herbs, essential oils, spell kits, candles stones. We have everything you would need!!!!
Chris Kfoury Art  
Chris Kfoury specializes in water media creationsof myth, fantasy, and the natural and supernatural world. She will have available originals, fine art prints, greeting card and other items featuring her artwork.
Diamonds and Dinosaurs
Crystals, fossils, tumbled stones, sterling gemstone jewelry, and unique gifts from around the world.
Fairy Lady Glass  
Handmade sterling silver jewelry, fused dichroic glass jewelry, and stainless steel jewelry.
Fairy's mission is to provide natural and/or organic herbal healing and aromatherapy products to combat the daily stress placed on both mind and body. I use only the finest American grown ingredients whenever possible to support American farmers. In addition, I use Environment Friendly 100% recycled Kraft bags, packaging and shipping materials as well as 100% all-natural preservatives! offers handmade products created in small batches to ensure the finest quality. I care about my customers, every transaction is more than a sale to me, its an ongoing relationship!, its what's good for you!
Jane Starr Weils Art  
Works by professional artist and illustrator Jane Starr Weils can be seen on many book and CD covers. She will be offering artwork with her trademark Fae, Pagen/Wiccan, Celtic and such themes in print form (5x7 and 8x10) as well as on misc products such as mugs, decorative wall tiles etc.
Lakeside Gifts
Quartz crystals, rough and tumbled stones, large and small piexes of assorted rough cyrstals and stones 
Lennon Studio 
Katie Lennon of Lennon Studio works to bring visions of myth and magic into reality. Whether it be through Block Prints, Oil Paintings, Sculptures, or Giclee prints Katie strives to share her visions of the magical realm with her audience. She’s been called “a true emissary from the Realm of Faerie.” Katie Lennon is an eclectic artist with a unique gift for illuminating both the visible world of nature and the invisible plane of Faerie-kind. Her distinctive visual art takes many forms. Katie is an accomplished painter with a striking color palette that can gravitates towards the aesthetics of nighttime, or the somber hues of twilight. As a sculptor, she combines polymer clay and rich fabrics to animate creatures of delicate grace. Katie engages in the ancient art of block printing, allowing her to create art that has been called “Graphically tight, original and fresh yet vintage at the same time.” Her “Faerie luminaries” are especially popular, turning glassware and tea lights into evocative glimpses of the Otherworld. Her visual art has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and she is currently accepting new commissions to bring customized beauty and magic to your surroundings.
LilacDragonfly Designs  
Handmade drawstring bags and sipper pouches, embroidered with Pagan/Wiccan symbols and phrases
Magickal Kitten Kreations  
Crochet items such as cat toys both with and without catnip, scarves, and goddess dolls. Also jewelry such as floating charm lockets with replacement charms, chainmaille necklaces, bat earrings.
Moondragon Designs  
100% Handmade, Pagan Made Goods, such as Capes, Cloaks, Hats, Scarves, Handwarmers, Beaded Jewelry, Wire Wrapped Stone Pendants, Jewelry bags, Brooms, Beaded Wire Suncatchers, and more!
Muse is the Mondanock region's premier metaphysical shop. We specialize in books and annuals ranging in topics including Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, Buddhism, Women's Spirituality, Alternative Healing, Psychic Develpment, Self-Help and the Paranormal. Muse is also your source for stones and crystals, Tarot decks, incense, resins, smudge, jewelry and ritual tools for a variety of practices. Visit us online at:
Mystic Leigh Creations 
Dragon eye necklaces, incense burners, and moonwater bottles all created with intenction and charged under a full moon 
One Path Labyrinth Ventures  
Ceramic finger labyrinths created in a ritual setting with focused intention and healing energy. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted, sacred tool designed to aid the user on their path to healing and wholeness. All of the stones used are genuine crystals and gemstones selected for their healing properties.
Rachels Rings
Hand stampled stainless steel rings and stained glass things
Raven in a World Tree
Lifestyle products and coaching for the practical pagan.Soul Collage® workshops, quick=start wiccan workbook and pocket altar kit, malas, and prayer beads, and crystal stands. 
Pagan crafts, spell kits, personalized spells, spell jars, and casting sets for divination.
Running Dog Pottery of Martha's Vineyard 
Wheel thrown and hand build stoneware pottery and handcraft jewelry. My pottery is a functional art inspired by history. I am honored that many of my goblets and bowls have been used for chalices in various spiritual practices. My approach to jewelry is "you design" I make while you enjoy a Faire. My carry angels, fairies and many other magical creatures for you to choose from.
Sacred Spiritual Treasures/Squirrel Farm Pure Essentials
"Sacred Spiritual Treasures - semi-precious prayer/meditation aids, mala beads, prayer beads, pendulums, angel jewelry, god/goddess mala beads, prayer beads, bracelets, and general jewelry.
Squirrel Farm Pure Essentials- essential oil based skin care products, facial and hand lotion, alcohol free hand sanitizer, sugar scrubs, insect repellants, and energy sprays."
Stone Sisters Boutique  
bracelets & necklaces. Unique crystals,stones, minerals & specimens as well as select spiritual and metaphysical gifts and supplies.
Sue-Nami Soaps 
Home-made vegetable poil-based soaps, beeswax based skin cream, therapeutic comfort bags, sachets.
Taica Patience - The Temple Within 
Magic Elixers - essences of profound sacred qualities and energies. Body Art - Henna, glitter tattos, Hair flairs Art Prints & Cards - painterly photos, photos, mandalas, collage Clothing - sweater skits, crochet hats 
Temple of Witchcraft
Temple of Witchcraft provide candles, incense, potions, magical oils, charms, Temple merchandise and books.
The Gypsy Fae
Handmade clothing: Recycled sweater elf coats, Greenman and other hooded sweatshirts with pagan symbolism, as well as bags, scarves, armwarmers, and gypsy skirts.
The Robin's Nest 
Handcrafted Incense Bottles, Magical Gifts, Potions, candles, Incense, Jewelry, Handcrafted Wares... We have a little bit of everything! The Robin's Nest takes great pride in supporting local artists and hand crafting many of the items we carry. The Robin's Nest is as diverse as the community we serve. Come see what's new!
The Silver Branch  
Hand sculpted one-of-a-kind fantasy creations, including fairies, dragons, merfolk, gnomes, and more. Naturally shed faery wing jewelry and accessories.
The Wayfarer Tarot
Tarot decks, jewelry, and art
The Witch's Attic
Recycling preowned ritual items: Books, tools, jewelry, pagan art and more
Witty Moon  
They like to paint with all kinds of fabrics. They say that it it is a process of putting recycled materials together.. made of pure passion for recycling RESPONSIBLE & FASHIONABLE REDESIGNED CLOTHING Along with their original Magic Dragon Shawl they offer, Velvet Empress Coats, Gypsy Jackets, Upcycled Mens Silk Tie Sexy Waistcoats, Yoga Legwarmers, Hoodie Ponchos, Pixie Hoodie Sweater Dresses, Hoodie Sweaters and Hoodie t's. They also will offer their incredible original Astro-Photography. Taken in their backyard observatory using 2 large telescopes and state of the art CCD and DSLR Cameras. They specialize in deep space photography i.e. Nebulae and Galaxies. In addition will also offer up their original Mystical Meditation Abstract Art posters. Get ready for a fantastical experience painting the universe with color and beautiful recycled materials . folks will turn their heads letting them think outside the box. Leaving them with smiles and the inspired feeling. that everything is possible. The purpose of upcycling is to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind and to eliminate our dependence on manufactured goods, which both keeps unwanted items out of the landfill and creates a sense of independence from the system of consumerism