Presenters & Performers

Ellen Evert Hopman
Communication with the dead, protection, purification and entering the faerie realm are made possible by the wise use of the traditional plants of the Samhain fire festival. Join Archdruid, master herbalist and author, Ellen Evert Hopman as she explores the plants associated with the realms of the dead and faerie, including their traditional uses as well as medicinal and spiritual aspects.

Raven Grimassi
Join Witch, award-winning author, and co-founder of the Ash, Birch & Willow Tradition of witchcraft, Raven Grimassi for an exploration of the four tools of Western Occutlism – Pentacle, Wand, Blade and Chalice. Discover how to align yourself with these tools and how to empower each for ritual and magical use.

Stephanie Taylor Grimassi
Mandrake, or Mandragora, is perhaps one of the most well-known of the baneful herbs with a long history in the occult and witchcraft. Join witch, astrologer and author, Stephanie Taylor Grimassi for an engaging presentation as she explores the lore, magical properties and cultivation of this powerful witch’s herb. Grimassi will share her personal experience of years of cultivating and handling this notorious and exotic plant which is associated with the goddess Hecate and has a variety of uses in spell craft.

Skye Stephenson
Join Dr. Skye Stephenson for an exploration of the interconnections between the Ancestral Realm and Sacred Stones and Crystals. Discover four points of intersectionality - (1) Stones as Ancestors; (2) Stones Used by Ancestors for Sacred Purposes; (3) Stones with Resonance to the Realm of the Dead; and (4) Stones for an Ancestral Altar. Develop a deeper understanding of the diverse ways humans have linked Stones with the Ancestors and ways to enhance your connection with the Ancestors via relationships with sacred Stones and Crystals.

Adam Sartwell
Hecate is the primal goddess of witches; the liminal goddess that spans the worlds; She gives us the grace of choice – compassionate acceptance and necessary change to make transformations in our lives. In this class we will explore classically inspired modern work with Hecate, led by Adam Sartwell, co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft and Priest of Hecate.

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
A conscious psychic and clairvoyant since the age of four, noted author Dr Kevin Ross Emery will share how to recognize and develop your own innate psychic abilities. Discover some of the common misconceptions regarding psychic abilities and learn to embrace and trust these gifts that were meant to be in your life.

Susan Marie Coté
Charm bags, mojo bags, medicine bags, and gris-gris have been used for centuries by cunning folk around the world to manifest health, love, success, prosperity and all manner of other intentions. Join Susan Marie Coté for this fascinating look at charm bags and Sympathetic Magic, which is predicated upon the concept that there is a direct, associative relationship between the spirit and properties of an object and the effect that these objects have upon the physical plane. Learn how to make and charge a charm bag for your personal benefit or on behalf of others.

Jeffrey Cerneson
The traditional eightfold path of witchery teaches that the first path to walk is physical discipline to train the mind. Through the interaction of mind and body we learn many things that can benefit the magical practitioner. Join Cunningman, Jeffrey Cerneson for an exploration of the relationships of mind, body, and spirit; how their energies interact and connect; and how the metaphysics of the mind extends into the physical plane. This path is a truly effective means to harness more of ourselves for magic. No matter your depth of experience, there are practices found within the Sorcery of the Body that can benefit any practitioner.

Matooka Moonbear
Samhain is a Witch’s most beloved time of year with the veils between worlds so thin. Our ancestors are close to us. Among the energies that are potent and available to work with are Power Animals. They hold energies and information that guide through seasons, mysteries and communication. Discover what the animals of Samhain are in the New England. What messages they bring through the deities they ally and how to work with them in the season of descending light.

Dorothy Morgan
Jupiter in Scorpio (October 10, 2017 – November 8 2018) can bring about exaggeration and exploration of the hidden, including mystical arts and practices such as Witchcraft, mysticism, the tantric arts, alchemy or whatever else draws you into the mysterious and beyond your boundaries. Join noted astrologer Dorothy Morgan as she lays out why this is year when you can take your practice to a deeper level.

Lyrion & Raven ApTower

For a tenth year, Wiccan Priestess and Priest, Lyrion and Raven ApTower, will lead the closing Circle involving the participants in a moving and transformative ceremony that honors the ancestors and the season. For over 26 years, the ApTowers have conducted rituals celebrating the cycles of nature, life, death and rites of passage. As Elders, both have represented this Earth-based spiritual path in a wide variety of contexts including civic, interfaith, academic, literary and media venues. Drawing on their lifelong interests and education in religions and environmentalism, Raven and Lyrion serve many spiritual communities as herbalists, counselors and teachers.

Scott Helland
With influences including punk rock, and Spanish and gypsy guitar styles, Scott Helland has created a distinct musical world of his own – twining euphoric acoustic guitar instrumentals and live looping to produce compelling soundscapes. Helland is perhaps best known as guitarist and co-founder of the internationally touring New York-based duo, Frenchy and the Punk, with singer Samantha Stephenson. In the eighties he was a member of the infamous Western MA hardcore punk bands Deep Wound and Outpatients. Helland is currently touring in support of his new solo album, “Never End the Rocket Century” which exemplifies “his playful stylistic shapeshifting and to his spirit of genuine, boundary-pushing adventure.”

Jenna Greene

Singer, songwriter and harpist, Jenna Greene (“The Greene Lady”), is a weaver of musical myth and magic. With a voice that is both ethereal and soulful, she sings of ancient lore, finding wonder and following dreams. Interlacing Celtic, World Folk and New Age influences, Greene deftly weaves haunting ballads, drum-driven dance tunes, lilting harp and mythic story. She has released two albums of original music, Crossroads and Wild Earth Child. She has recently released her fifth studio album, “Wings”.

Myschyffe Managed
Myschyffe Managed is a New Hampshire-based a capella group specializing in medieval and renaissance madrigals. This motley crew was formed by a small herd of "Ren Rats" with a tenuous grasp on reality who also love to sing. Its members feel that a bit of authentic period music adds to the overall ambiance of the various renaissance faires gracing our region, and audiences appear to agree. Their material is drawn primarily from the madrigal masters of old from Italy, England, Spain, and France. Managed’s goal is to recreate a small part of the musical past for the entertainment and appreciation of the public. They can, however, readily shift from serious music to the, shall we say, ‘traditional’ songs of drunkenness and debauchery as sung by lords, wenches, and pirates the world over.